Our Favorite Black-Owned Sustainable Fashion Brands

Hi GF Beauties,

Happy Black History Month! Diversity and representation is so important in all industries and the fashion industry is no exception. So in honor of Black History Month, I thought I would share with you some of our favorite Black-owned sustainable fashion brands!


GRANT BLVD has unique and beautifully designed pieces with a mission. They carry everything from reclaimed tees with screen printed messages on them to dresses made with naturally dyed deadstock fabric. Kimberly McGlonn founded GRANT BLVD with the mission of disrupting the system in more ways than one. The company focuses on supporting incarcerated and returning citizens, primarily by providing living wage employment opportunities. People are at the forefront of their mission; however, they aim to combat the fast fashion industry and its negative impact on our Earth as well. The brand manufactures their products exclusively in Philadelphia and utilizes more sustainable fabrics like organic cotton twill, lyocell, and tencel.


Founded by Gina Stovall, TWO DAYS OFF features pieces crafted with simplicity and practicality in mind. The brand operates by the idea that wardrobes should be consciously curated with everyday-friendly pieces. These clothing items are organic in their design and scream comfort. Quality is assured, as each piece is either made to order or available in limited edition batches. This way of operating decreases unnecessary waste from sizes and colors that may not sell. TWO DAYS OFF is extremely transparent when it comes to their production process, which takes place in Los Angeles, California. The company uses locally sourced deadstock fabric with an emphasis on biodegradable and organic fabrics and even ships all of their items plastic free. TWO DAYS OFF also offers a variety of earth friendly accessories and household items.


FYRE is your one stop shop for laid back vintage items from brands like Levi’s, J. Crew, Liz Claiborne, and so many more. This collection of pre-loved clothes includes everything from cropped sweatshirts to beautifully tailored blazers. I love that they include menswear as well as womenswear, and even provide amazing style inspo in the product photos! Secondhand fashion is about as eco friendly as it gets, as it cuts out any additional production processes altogether. Not to mention, there are so many amazing pieces just floating around out there not being worn. Like they say, one man’s only worn once dress shirt is a fashionista’s new belted dress… or something like that. 


Okay, so I saved my favorite for last! Modest and girly, Dynasty George pieces will have you wanting to frolic in a field of flowers. Dynasty Casanova, Brooklyn, NY native and FIT alumni, designs whimsical clothing that is meant to grow with women throughout their life and empower them in their femininity. These items are so thoughtfully designed with the most beautiful details. Their core values include slow fashion, craftsmanship, and giving back; so you know they are so much more than a clothing brand. Dynasty George is promoting fashion as both an artform and an investment in sustainability. Now that’s a mission I can get behind!

I hope you check out these amazing sustainable clothing brands! If you’re looking for Black-owned sustainable home and body brands, some of our favorites are MYSTIC GRASSROOTS, PATIENCE PROMISES LOVE, and ZOET BATHLATIER! We carry all three of these brands at Gypsy Freedom, so check them out online or in the showroom!

As consumers, we have so much power. Anna Lappe said, “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want”. So let's vote for inclusivity, representation, sustainability, and ethical practices. At Gypsy Freedom, we love discovering new brands so please let us know if there are any good sustainable, socially conscious, or POC-owned companies you think we should check out!



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