About Us

At Gypsy Freedom we value:

  • Sustainable textiles
  • Ethical and humane production practices
  • Social Consciousness

We are always searching for brands that embody all three of these values. Although it may be difficult to achieve this holy trinity we source and curate collections from brands that include at least one of these values at the core focus of their business model. We believe that humane production is a must and we are diligent in evaluating the practices for each of the brands that we carry to ensure that their workers are treated (and paid) fairly.

At Gypsy Freedom, we love style, we believe in fashion as an art form, and we are certain that these beautiful things can exist in a way that is ethical, sustainable, and people friendly.

Gypsy Freedom was created to provide an easy and affordable way for the everyday lady to style herself with sustainable fashions. We know that you are busy. We know that life is hard; shopping should not be! We hope to make it easy for you to do a little good while looking your best too!